10 Tear-jerking and totally gush-worthy Proposal Locations

‘Tis the season of marriage proposals and that is certainly no surprise considering the plethora of romantic sights, smells and sounds that come with the holiday season!  I mean, what better gift to give than that of your never-ending love and commitment?  (Besides a sparkly little piece of jewelry, of course)!  I painstakingly researched the most romantic spots for popping the question and I came across some absolute tear-jerkers.  In my opinion (and that of most of those ladies I spoke with), its the thoughtful and creative proposals that get the best reactions.  Of course you can whisk me away on a trip to France and drop to your knee, but what I really want is a reminder of how sweet and thoughtful you are and that you know what makes my heart flutter.  Oh and ideally a team of professionals helping you out along the way.  (A floral designer to help you pick the perfect blooms and a photographer to capture the moment).  Enjoy the images and I hope this sparks a few ideas for those of you about to get engaged!

1.  Pretty much anywhere in the snow.  Specifically while it is snowing.

There is nothing more magical than starring in your own personal snow-globe.  Get bundled up, plan an ice skating trip, go look at christmas lights, take the dog for a walk in a blizzard, and bust out that ring.  Please grab a photographer  for this one.  Stunning.  Images by Chris Emeott Photography.

2.  If front of your very own graffiti.

While I don’t suggest you illegally paint on someone else’s property, if you can pull off something as sweet as this legally, it’d make for a completely unforgettable proposal.  And then even if your message gets painted over, that spot will be forever your “special place”.  Image from  Melissa Hayes Photography via Style Me Pretty.

3.  In a lavender field.

Or a rose garden, or a park with lots of lilacs.  I’m going for floral beauty and fragrance here.  If scent is one of the best memory triggers, then wouldn’t you want to be reminded of that special moment everytime you caught a whiff of lavender?  Or roses?  Or lilacs, etc?  If its winter in your neck of the woods, check out local greenhouses.  I have an orchid greenhouse by me that is toasty warm, open to the public and would make a great proposal backdrop.  Images from Jessica Watson Photography.

4.  In the rain.

My two favorite TV and Movie romantic moments are from The Office when Jim proposes to Pam in front of a gas station in the pouring rain and that passionate, rainy kiss in the Notebook, when “It still isn’t over”.  Watch the local weather, get your ring in its box and handy, and when the rain falls, make your move.  And if you don’t have a photographer ready, I’ll cry.  Even a buddy to capture the moment would suffice.  That is one photo-op you don’t want to miss.  First image, second image.

5.  In nature.

Nature leaves you with tons of options for beautiful and romantic settings.  It all depends on where you live and what you as a couple like to do.  If there is a sweet little creek near you, I’d say go for it.  Otherwise a meadow, the dunes, a forest preserve, canyon… really the list is endless.  If hiking or exploring is your thing, this would be perfect.  Images by Cassidy Carson via Snippet and Ink.

6.  In a public park.

This can be done in lots of different ways.  You could go the very public route and propose in a crowded spot in front of tons of strangers watching.  Lots of ladies like all of that attention, and it’d be easy to ask a photographer or friend to snap some pictures when you pop the question.  You could also pick a private spot in the park such as under your favorite tree or simply take her out there at a time when the park is less busy like during your early morning run or walking home from a restaurant in the evening.  This Central Park proposal was captured by Katie Markquart Photography via Style Me Pretty.

7.  On a picnic.

Picnics go hand in hand with romance, thoughtfulness and sweet memorable moments.  They are a wonderful set-up for a proposal because you can pack up all of her favorite foods, some champagne for celebrating and don’t forget a beautiful flower arrangement or bouquet to give it that extra special touch.  They are also a private alternative to the typical restaurant proposal.  Where you choose your picnic location is up to you.  Maybe where you had your first date or in one of the above locations like a park or garden?  The sky is the limit here.  You can even get away with a cute indoor picnic if the weather is too cold!  See more of this adorable picnic here.

8.  Around the Christmas Tree.

It may sound uninventive, but keeping it simple and giving her an engagement ring with you on your knee will absolutely be the best gift she has ever gotten.  You can get creative here by putting the ring in an ornament on hanging it from the tree.  Maybe send her on a little scavenger hunt?  This will make for an unforgettable Christmas and super sweet proposal story.  Image from Ruffled Blog.

9.  At home.

There are millions of romantic and inspiring places to propose, but one of the most romantic places in the world is your very own bedroom.  Try waking her up with a surprise breakfast in bed!  Find a cute place on her breakfast tray to hide the ring or simply pull the ring out of your nightstand and ask her that special question.

10.  On a rooftop.

If you live in the city you probably know the magic of being high up above the bustling streets full of cars and people.  The great views and the privacy both lend themselves well to an excellent proposal.  If you really want to do things right, enlist some help.  Set up a romantic dinner complete with flowers, champagne and a photographer to capture it all.  Take some notes form this sweet proposal planned by Brilliant Event Planning, photographed by Jennifer Davis Photography.  The floral arrangement is from Villanueva Florals.

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